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The Naval Reservist Association

The Naval Reservist Association, based in Helsinki, operates nationally and is a member of the Finnish Reservists’ Association, the Finnish Naval Reserve, and the Helsinki Reservist District.

In its 60 years, our Association has had 12 chairs, Mika Kuutti being the current one. Throughout our history, maritime operations and shooting have been at the core or our activities and co-operation with other organizations.

All Finnish citizens of good reputation, regardless of their place of residence, may be admitted to join our Association. Previous Naval experience is not required. Our membership numbers are growing and we are actively recruiting new young members. The Association also has associate members.

The pillars of our activities are: maritime training, navigation competitions, safety on the sea, and safe, responsible shooting. Our Association is also a member of the Finnish Navigation Association. Outside the sailing season, our Association organizes membership events, where defense experts give topical presentations, and we organize visits to sites/organizations of interest.

Our Association has over 130 members, both men and women. A significant part of our members are Naval reservists, including officers, noncommissioned officers, and crewmembers. One binding feature of all members is the love of the sea, and a great interest in naval reserve activities.

Chairman: Mika Kuutti